Renfrew Camping Rules and Regulations - updated 2016

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  • Absolutely no cutting, trimming, pruning or marking of trees of any kind on the campground property AT ANY TIME.

  • There is to be no loud music on your site or stereo music from your vehicles at any time. Please be considerate of those around you.

  • Quiet Time is 11:00 PM Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday night quiet time is 12:00 PM with all noise quieted by 1:00 AM. Your children must be on your site by 11:00 PM.

  • Alcoholic beverages are to be kept to your site, unless there is an adult dance at which time they should be kept in a cooler during transport to the hall.

  • Your vehicles should remain parked on your site at all times unless you are leaving the grounds. Driving to and from washrooms and pool area is discouraged.

  • Your guests should know that there is a $5.75 charge per vehicle with two adults and children, any more adults in the same vehicle there will be a charge of $2.00 per adult.

  • Maximum Speed limit throughout the campground is 20 KM , and is not to be exceeded at any time.

  • Your pets must be kept on a leash and you are to use a pooper scooper. These pets must not lunge, snarl be  continuously barking.

  • There are to be no water guns or water balloons on campground property. There are to be no fireworks on your site; if you have fireworks they are to be set off at a designated place with the permission of the manager.

  • The turtles are protected here on the campground and to be respected by everyone who comes to camp. Harassment of these snapping turtles will not be tolerated. 

  • Please take care of your garbage making sure that it goes to the Miller Waste Bin which is on the right of the driveway leaving the campground.

  • There are to be no mini-bikes, ATV's or other off-road vehicles of any kind on campground property at any time.

  • Obscene or foul language is not wanted and is discouraged.

Please take the time to read these rules and the rules posted in the swimming pool area to all members of your party.  If you have any questions the management will be happy to answer them.

Attention: To contact the management after the office has closed, call 883-1315, 476- 2638, or 471-3220.
Don't hesitate to do so if necessary.